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The Wislang Case

The Kate Davenport Disaster: Accident or Design ?

When Dr Wislang appeared before the Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal for the agreed sole purpose of making submissions as to penalty on a simple charge he had already admitted to, he did so trusting that the Tribunal would conduct its hearing of him competently, in good faith and according to proper procedure and the principles of ordinary fairness.

He had no expectation whatever, even from his worst dreams, that he would have to defend himself against a maximally more serious replacement charge, completely unsustainable in law, trumped-up and irregularly laid against him by a prosecutor who, with the full cooperation of the Tribunal itself was hell-bent on proving it in order to have him struck off the medical register and barred from the practice of medicine, not temporarily, but for ever after.

Almost incredibly, that is what Dr Wislang was faced with on the day; a prosecutor-turned-hijacker of the Tribunal's proceedings whose charge-drafting and personal prosecutory maxims and potential excuses for her glaring misconduct in her prosecution of him can be justified by only one law; Murphy's.

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(The facts proving Ms Davenport's prosecutory incompetence and presumptuouness are ones all agreed to by the active parties to the proceedings of judicial review by which Dr Wislang afterwards attempted to have the Tribunal’s adverse ruling on his medical competence quashed and to thereby rescue as much as possible of his professional reputation. Those facts are to be found on this website in the Exhibits part of the Record of those proceedings which was submitted for his appeal to the Privy Council)

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