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NEW ZEALAND MINISTRY OF JUSTICE DOCUMENT of 25 February 2014 rebuts further gravely defamatory false accusations recently made online against Dr Miles Wislang

In late 2011 it came to the attention of Dr Wislang that one or both of two brothers  Dermot Nottingham (in New Zealand) and Antony Nottingham (in Australia) were responsible for the making, on 19 October 2011 and repeatedly on dates thereafter, grossly defamatory statements about Dr Wislang on an internet blog (hosted by the USA-based web-provider WordPress) which was and still is under the Nottingham’s direct control, and goes under the name of “Lauda Finem”.

The statements at issue constitute grossly false and, to Dr Wislang, highly damaging allegations and are as follows: that Dr Wislang is a disgraced medical practitioner; that he was and remains struck off the Medical Register that is maintained under statute by the Medical Council of New Zealand; that he pretended/pretends to be a doctor when he allegedly was/is not one; that in 2004 he lost his licence to practise Medicine; that he has been in the business of  supplying drugs illegally; that he is intemperate and dishonest; that he is a proven “fraudster”; and, finally, that many years ago he was one of six conspirators involved in a bomb-plot to kill over a hundred staff in the Auckland suburban Takapuna Branch of the Accident Compensation Corporation of New Zealand. 

Every one of the above eight statements is not only false, but was made knowingly, recklessly and, arguably, maliciously by the two Nottingham brothers. However, despite the gross falseness of the statements having been repeatedly pointed out to the Nottinghams, every one of the statements persist on their Lauda Finem blog and so remain continuously and highly damaging to Dr Wislang’s personal and professional reputation.

Several of the defamatory statements, of course, allege criminally punishable offences under New Zealand law.

As the a “clean slate” statement (see letter of 25 February 2014) of the Ministry Of Justice of New Zealand plainly and unequivocally shows, Dr Wislang has never been convicted of any criminal offence. In fact, as can be easily established, he has never even stood trial for one.

The behaviour of the two Nottingham brothers in their vicious, practically insane scatter-gun on-line attacks on Dr Wislang, along with dozens of other human targets, both lay and professional New Zealanders, is well known to the New Zealand justice system and to the Police. 

Further, for the record, at least one of the two Nottingham brothers (Dermot) has himself, ironically, at least one criminal conviction within the New Zealand jurisdiction; whereas Dr Wislang has a perfectly clean record, as the statement of 25 February 2014 by the Ministry of Justice makes abundantly plain.